Dragon Touch x10 Review with its advantages in 2019

We all know that Android OS (operating system) is getting more popular regularly because of its smoothness, apps, and flexibility. Daily, a new Android mobile phone is launched with different specifications and requirements. Android Tablets are most common and allow numerous benefits for users to utilize in a compact size, highly portable than a laptop. Dragon Touch X10 (10.6-inch Tablet) can avail of the same set of advantages. Most of the Dragon Touch x10 Review reveals the best advantages and disadvantages of this product.

Dragon Touch x10 Review 2019

Your first look will be impressed by its attractive, sleek, and slim design. The users are provided with the exceptional performance of the power-packed processor and enchanting images from the IPS screen. The power-packed processor includes 8 cores and can execute up to a maximum of 2.0 GHz to pair with 1 GB RAM to deliver extraordinary performance, power, and speed. The IPS touchscreen panel of Vivid 10.6-inch will offer 178-degree of wide-angle view to deliver balanced, colorful, and bright screen image quality.

Dragon Touch x10 2018 Review

The Dragon Touch x10 2018 review provides various unknown information to the users. Google Android Lollipop 5.1 version offers the best platform to run the games, office apps, and various utilities smoothly and quite easily. This tablet offers Wireless connectivity, USB port, HDMI port options are used to connect various devices. The front & rear cameras can allow users to record their memorable moments of happiness and joy.

Very impressive and massive battery with 7200 mAh will ensure that your tablet can remain active for so many hours even on the road. It has 16 GB of internal memory and can expand by using a Micro SD card to save confidential and important games, videos, apps, and data to your device. Overall, this complete machine has adequate style and power.

Advantages of Dragon Touch x10 Tablet

Find below the list of advantages offered by Dragon Touch x10 Tablet:

Pre-applied Screen Protector

The Dragon Touch x10 case comes along with the screen protector. Most of us will plan to install any sorts of screen protector on your touchscreen device. Moreover, you can find numerous available screen protectors on Amazon.


This tablet uses the IPS display to showcase the best wide-angle view without reflective or colors washing out, which is most common on various budget tablets. The resolution of 1366 x 768 delivers the same quality of 720 pixels resolution that is impressive to watch YouTube, Netflix, and other general video streaming websites.

Mini HDMI Out

It also includes a mini HDMI Out that used to connect the tablet directly to your HD (High Definition) television and allow you to utilize the supported & compatible apps on your larger screen.

Octa-Core Processor

The tablet’s interface is responsive and fluid because of its Octa-Core processor. Web browsing is much faster on this tablet and might have some lags while switching over the apps. It can also able to handle various high-end games such as NFS (Need for Speed). On Geekbench 3, this tablet has also received 1245 of a multicore score.


The Dragon Touch x10 2018 tablet is portable and thin. You can comfortably hold the tablet with the help of its soft plastic back case.

16 GB Storage

This storage space allows you to store numerous music files, videos, photos, apps, and games on your tablet. The Operating system will utilize some space and you can use the remaining 12 GB space (unused memory space) to store the data. In case, if you are exceeding the storage space limit then you can utilize the Micro SD Card to expand its storage to store the data on SD Card or internal storage.

Two Cameras

This dragon touch x10 case comes with two cameras (both front and rear). The front camera can be used to capture a quick photo or to take a Skype call. However, the quality will be fairly low when compared to the rear camera.


The RAM capacity will affect the device performance to execute numerous applications at the same time. More RAM capacity will increase the speed to switch across the Google Chrome web browser app and Gmail app. Or even reviewing an eBook and next to move on to play the Pandora music. It is not required to close any of the running applications with more RAM capacity. 1 GB RAM could be a better option for this budget tablet.

Full-sized USB Port

Without using an OTG cable, you can directly connect the USB or flash drive to your tablet. On the tablet’s side, it features a full-sized USB port.


Most of the budget tablets will not include the Bluetooth connectivity feature due to its cost. However, this tablet allows the users to connect the Bluetooth speakers & keyboard wirelessly to work better for streaming Pandora music.

Disadvantages of Dragon Touch x10 Tablet

Find below the list of disadvantages of Dragon Touch x10 Tablet:


The in-built speaker’s sound quality is not great. However, it is possible to connect a Bluetooth speaker or headphones instead.


The camera quality is also not great. It is much better to capture a quick image under bright lighting conditions, but it is not good under low light performance. Even, it can work fine for your Skype call but not with much better quality.

Special charger

This tablet offers the fastest charging feature with the help of a special charger (with barrel connector). Please ensure that you never lose this charger.

Dragon Touch x10 Review – Display

The front display showcases the IPS touchscreen with 10.3-inch to deliver better graphics or visuals to the users. Another good benchmark of 1366 x 768 resolution offered from the touchscreen panel can provide a colorful picture, vibrant images, and crisp text quality. The multi-touch technology with 10-point offers responsive and smooth panels. The wide-angle view with 178-degree allows getting fascinating picture quality on angled or widescreen.

Long-life Battery & Connectivity

The Dragon Touch x10 2017 tablet comes with a 7200 mAh battery to offer a massive capacity. Your tablet can work with usage and standard display settings for up to 8 to 9 hours to keep it alive with the help of this massive battery. Depending upon your usage, the battery life can decrease or increase a bit. However, it is much better to enjoy the tablet experience and perform your daily tasks on the go without any fuss or issues.

It is possible to connect various devices by utilizing the available HDMI slot, USB port, and a Micro USB port with wired connections. Even for the wireless connectivity, this Dragon Touch x10 2017 tablet can use the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi router of 802.11 n/g/b options. Make use of Bluetooth connectivity to connect multiple compatible Bluetooth devices such as a mouse, speakers, and keyboard (which is highlighted under the Dragon Touch x10 review on the websites).

OS & Camera

The Android Lollipop version 5.1 offers a better platform to execute your favorite games and apps. The Google Play Store’s pre-installed will host numerous games, apps, functions, utilities, features, and many more for you.

Your camera-related tasks are accomplished by using the two cameras that are available at the front and rear sides. The 5.0 MP (megapixel) of the rear camera can be used for video recording with high-resolution, scanning documents, and capturing photos of your valuable & memorable moments. The 2.0 MP of the front camera allows the users to make Skype or video calls with your business professionals, family members, and friends.

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