Best Ping Pong Table to buy in 2020

Are you also one of those looking for the best ping Pong table at an affordable price? If yes then you are at right destination. Here in this article we are going to provide you details about the best ping pong table that you can purchase for your children, yourself or your startup office as well. It doesn’t matter that your budget is $200 or $2000, the fact that matters is getting the right quality at the right price. Considering the same, we have stated the details here. So, let’s get started.

Stiga Advantage Indoor

best ping pong table purchase

The first option available in our list is this Stiga Advantage Indoor. It is one of the most affordable and best choices available for all those who are looking for a best ping pong table for Indoor. The best part about this ping Pong table is that you can easily set it up and store it. It comes almost completely assembled so you can easily play your favorite sport at home anytime. It also comes with rolling casters on the bottom so that you can easily roll it to the destination without having any problems. It is the best equipment available for both adults and kids as well.


  • It comes 95% assembled
  • Takes only 10 minutes to get setup
  • It is easy to move the table and lock it down
  • no fading or scratching issue on the stripping and surface
  • Net system is included
  • Playback position is also available so that you can play against yourself

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Joola inside table tennis table

best ping pong table buy

It is also an amazing option available in our list. If you are thinking about getting a ping Pong table at an affordable price then you can easily consider this option. Additionally, it is the equipment available for the family use as well. It comes with the professional grade playing surface that is supported by 1.5 inch steel legs. Additionally, it can easily get rap up and folded up into a compact size so that you can store it. If you are one of those looking for an affordable ping Pong table that can easily be stored in a garage or basement then you can choose this product. It is one of the best options available that provides economic factor along with flexibility


  • The professional and competition play can easily get done at home
  • Can easily get set up
  • Comes with all required accessories
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor games
  • Both sides can be folded up
  • 3 inch caster wheels are included for easy transport
  • More stability

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Zoola tour competition grade Indoor

Buy best ping pong table

Another best option available for all the professionals is this tour competition grade indoor best ping pong table. If you are one of those preparing for a tournament then you must consider this table once. At an affordable price you are getting the best quality along with amazing features. It comes with dual trolley system so that you can easily collapse each side of it and move it wherever you want. Additionally, it can easily get assembled or setup without any much efforts. If you want to separate the table into 2 parts then also it is the best option available. Along with quality it also provides durability.


  • it comes with 8 bolts so that the Assembly time is reduced
  • More bounce
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer
  • You can easily play against others
  • 4 sets of locking casters
  • Resistant to damage

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Stiga XTR outdoor

best ping pong table 2020

If you are one of those who love playing the game outside and your favorite game is Ping Pong then you will definitely love this product. This table is designed by using aluminum. Additionally it comes with the feature to withstand in all the weather conditions. Even if you want to enjoy your game in snow and rain then also this table will not let you down. It comes with a fast setup feature and also it can easily be folded and unfolded. If you want to store the table in your garage then its folding design will definitely help you out. You can easily table is stored in a corner and save the space in your house.


  • It can easily handle the exposure of all type of weather conditions
  • Aluminum top won’t wrap due to snow rain
  • 25 inch steel legs given so that you can play on any type of ground
  • Half self-opening legs available
  • Playback option available for practice sessions

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Harvil outsider

best ping pong table buying guide

It is one of the best options available for those who are looking for an outside ping Pong table at an affordable price. It is one of the best weather resistant tables available that can easily handle all the weather situations. It also comes with a power coated steel frame and analuminum top. This table is so easy to setup and transport as well. It comes in a partially assembled situation and the legs can easily get folded down from the table top. It comes with automatic net system that can easily get connected and comes off quickly.


  • The weather proof table surface given that is made up from aluminum
  • Compact and lightweight for moving to other areas
  • 1 year warranty
  • In home assembly available
  • Feature of locking wheel

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Choosing the right ping Pong table for you

Indoor and outdoor tables

When it comes to play competitive sport, the Indoor tables are usually taken into consideration. However on a calm, dry day the ping Pong can be played in the outdoor areas as well. Any model of the ping Pong table can be taken outdoor only for short period of time. Additionally, there are several other conditions matters while playing outdoors.

The outdoor models are usually designed with more sturdiness and organized steel so that they can easily handle the weight against the wind. Additionally the playing surface of the outdoor models is also designed with such a manner that they can handle the weather conditions as well. Apart from all this, the manufacturers also need to take care about the factors related to the water damage and the warping damage from the sun. As compared to the Indore models, outdoor models are quite expensive. However, there are more economical models are also available that are made by using a thin applying surface or material that prove to be more resilient against the elements.

According to the statistics and the experts available out there, it is only a best choice to purchase the outdoor model when you are willing to keep it outdoor always. Additionally, it is also fact that any outdoor unit is unlikely to last for a long time. It is not a right investment for those who want to play both indoor and outdoor games. Because you can easily take the indoor ping Pong table outdoor for a temporary period of time. Once you have determined that either you are willing to purchase or outdoor ping Pong table or indoor ping Pong table there are some other factors that you should consider before taking the decision. So, let’s take a look over other decisions.

Playing space

The first option available in our list is the playing space. It is important for you to decide that where you are going to put the ping Pong table. The standard ping Pong table is 9 feet long, 5 feet wide and 2 one and half feet high. Additionally, it comes with a net extending another 6 inches past both sides of it. In order to get the comfortable play, it is always suggested to play at least 5 feet behind each and 3 feet to each side of open space.


Another major factor of the playing space is that if you can permanently cover it or want it to be open. It is not easy to dedicate a whole room to sport equipment. Collecting the equipment and get it stored in a corner is one of the best criteria that one can adopt for saving more space. And, whenever you need to play the game you can easily take it out.


Experience is also one of the major factors that you can consider while purchasing the ping Pong table. It is important for you to understand that how much experience you are the other players are having. If you are a beginner for having a lot of beginner players around then it is not important for you to invest your money on a high and model. However it is important for you to must take consideration towards quality and durability as well. In some cases it happens that the high performance models do not last longer as compared to the cheaper price models. If you are thinking about purchasing the model for your community room or the office then it is important for you to consider durability over the performance. It is rightly is stated that people do not take care of the things that they don’t own personality. Try to get a table that is durable.


While purchasing any product, price plays the most important role. It is important for you to combine the experience with the economy. The standard model can easily be available as chief as few hundred dollars or if you want to get a premier model then you need to spend over several $1000 as well. It is important for you to decide your budget and how much your pocket allows spending while purchasing the ping Pong table. Get the table that you can afford. It is so frustrated when you feel like you have spent your money without having any willingness.


The dimensions are not in a file purchasing the ping Pong table. It is also important for you to check out the other specifications as well. Standard table is required to be made of one continuous piece of material either it is wood or any other derivative. If you are thinking about playing a tournament level game then it is important for you to consider this factor. Even if you are thinking about getting an equipment for the record room or just normal play then you can go with the models that can easily get folded up for storage. Another major specification of the tournament level model is that the ball should bounce over 9 inches when it is dropped from the foot over. It is one of the major factors that are required to be considered. It is one of the easiest factors that can be considered to measure the quality. Additional it also affects the level of play. If you are not getting write balanced performance at the given price then and the deal is not satisfactory.

Other gears

Along with choosing the right ping Pong table it is also important to get the right paddle and the robot so that you can easily be at the top of the game.

Hence, these are all the details about some of the best ping pong table available online. You can easily choose the table according to your requirement and the factors given. Additionally, here we have also given the advantages and disadvantages of the paddles so that you can easily make the right choice. Additionally, you can also go through the buying guide given and understand what major factors should be considered while purchasing the product.

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