Best Ping Pong Machine 2020 and buyers guide

In case if you prefer to improve and enhance your ping pong skills then you need to practice a lot to gain more experience. If there is no exceptional player to compete with your every day for gameplay then it is the best option to purchase the most popular ping pong robot to start playing your own game against it. Table Tennis Robots are available in a wide range with numerous capabilities, features, and also suited for all ability level players. You can refer to this article to understand the best and most popular ping pong robots that are available across the online marketplace with its features as well. Let’s have a look at the list of best ping pong machine 2020.

Top 10 Ping Pong Machines 2020

Find below the list of best and most popular and best ping pong machine 2020 available across the online platform for your reference:

Y&T Training S27 Table Tennis Machine

Best Ping Pong Machine 2020

The Y&T Training S27 Table Tennis machine will provide two heads for enhancing the ping pong game skills along with carrying out drills enabled. From each head, you can choose any one of the available 8 different spins and sever speed that ranges from 4 to 50 mps (meter per second). This machine can able to provide 85 ball servings within a minute. It will assist more than practicing the basic stroke techniques and helps to engage the stroke play combination.

This training machine will offer a unique feature to create floating balls, the most essential parameter to gain professional ping pong training. It is specially constructed using high-quality materials like ABS plastic, aluminum alloy, and steel. The combination of these materials will make it highly durable and firm. This machine’s sequence and spots are programmable. The serve loop’s angle is adjustable with a range of 0 to 40 degrees.


  • Able to create the float balls.
  • Extensive speed selection and serve frequency.
  • Programmable sequence and spot.

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Paddle Palace Touch Pro H2W Table Tennis Machine

Best Ping Pong Machine buy

The Paddle Palace Touch Pro H2W is one of the best ping pong machine 2020 that include the touchscreen remote feature and the ball shooting is programmed using the 22 different spin spots with any arrangement on the table. The wireless touch and well-designed remote will allow the user to modify the preset drills and settings. This machine has 30 different preset exercises with a wide range from advanced-level to beginner-level. It is also programmed this machine using the sequences.

This machine has the capability to produce entire spin types such as combinations, no spin, backspin, sidespin, and topspin without the ball speed dependency. Make use of the same drill to turn the switch. The ball recycling system can enhance the training experience. The ball can be captured and funnels to the machine using the net, which allows the player to gain practice session from running out of balls. The spin indicator feature will help you to understand much faster to read the spins.


  • Suitable for entire ball types.
  • Great quality.
  • It is much easier to use.

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Practice Partner Easy Controls Table Tennis Machine

Best Ping Pong Machine in 2020

The Practice Partner Table Tennis machine is specially constructed using strong and durable materials. The hopper is designed using the alloy rubber and directional releases are enhanced using the shooting mechanism to ensure no ball jamming. This machine comes with a flat base and adjustable base knobs to place it on any flat surface and improves the machine installation. The wireless remote control will assist ball shooting with easy control during the gameplay.

You can easily toggle within the various frequencies, eight-spin variations, and ball speeds to control while playing. It has the capability to shoot with a range of 80 bps (balls per second) and one of the best ball delivery frequency utilized by most of the professional players. The control box can be used to adjust the current settings with easy access.


  • It is much easier to store, portable, and lightweight.
  • Suitable to return the serving.
  • Works with entire ball types.
  • Long-lasting mode.

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Newgy 1040+ Robo-Pong Table Tennis Machine

Best buy Ping Pong Machine

The Newgy 1040+ Robo-Pong machine includes the analog control panel unit to utilize the oscillation, frequency, and ball speed. This machine offers the oscillation function to deliver the ball with the available 8 different positions. The rotating head will allow the users to adjust the combo spin, right sidespin, left sidespin, backspin, and also topspin. It includes a huge basket capacity and able to hold numerous balls.

It is also not required to refill or reload the basket regularly during the training sessions. After getting this machine, you can start your practice session using the available free 48 2-star balls. This machine can be easily transported, store, take down, utilize, and even set up the system. You can enhance your skill level with an excellent improvement by using this training machine.


  • Great design and lightweight.
  • No jamming problem.
  • Easy setup and Portable.
  • Great for beginners.
  • It is much easier and very simple to use.
  • High ball capacity.


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iPong Original Trainer Table Tennis Machine

Best Ping Pong Machine 2020

The iPong Original Trainer machine will offer a wired remote to utilize for ball speed and as well as setting the spin. It is possible to throw numerous balls (around 70 balls) per minute and even produce only one spin at a time. You can produce the no-spin ball by setting up the topspin that is similar to the underspin. The Ping pong game with different aspects is used to practice by accessing this machine from multiple locations.

This ping pong machine will include a ball tray, which has the capacity to hold around 120 balls at a time. Every time reloading feature is prevented by this product and operates using the battery-powered. The perfect training machine to offer the best training partner at a reasonable price and offered for sale.


  • You can enhance your ping pong skills using multiple spin settings.
  • Much easier to assemble and as well as move around.
  • It comes with a big capacity and not required to reload frequently.

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iPong Motion Trainer Table Tennis Machine

Best Ping Pong Machine in budget

The iPong Trainer Motion best ping pong machine 2020 will include an adjustable frequency setting to allow 70 bpm (balls per minute). The machine has easily adjustable settings with the help of its convenient wireless remote control. The oscillation settings will allow the users to challenge themselves and as well as perfect their footwork. You can use this machine to master your skills such as no spin, underspin, or topspin.

The iPong motion trainer machine will offer the memory button for saving the easy combination settings of personal training. It prevents the user from each time to set up their favorite reprogramming. This trainer machine will provide the pick-up net to quickly assist the users to save time for cleaning and sweeping the entire balls.


  • It comes with numerous available spin balls.
  • Great worth for its price.
  • Much easier to carry.
  • Portable design.
  • It can able to hold entire ball types.
  • It is much easier to use and set up.

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Choafan 36-Spins Table Tennis Machine

Best Ping Pong Machine buy online

The Choafan 36-spins Table Tennis machine comes with an enhanced remote control to offer smooth operation. The remote control will guide the ball to send in different directions. You can find various settings such as speed, frequencies, the drop, and also the ball arc. This machine’s ball speed can be easily adjusted from 40 mps (meters per second) and also frequency adjusted from 70 bpm (balls per minute). You can direct the machine much easier with an extraordinarily reliable and smooth method.

The Choafan 36-spins will include the high capacity robot with a huge space to hold numerous balls before reloading. It can assist you to take a complete training session on returns, serves, and even different training skills. If the machine is empty, it will weigh around 3.5 kg and make it lightweight & portable to move the machine across any destination for training.


  • Adjustable Ball angle.
  • Numerous available settings options for changing the ball motion and speed.
  • Multiple functions for super smooth.
  • Highly portable.
  • Very customizable.
  • High capacity.
  • It is much easier to use and as well as install.

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iPong Topspin Trainer Table Tennis Machine

Best Ping Pong Machine buy in 2020

The iPong Topspin Trainer machine is one of the battery-powered type best ping pong machine 2020. Without an outlet, you can utilize this machine anywhere. The 6AA batteries will offer the best life span for around 10 hours of gameplay time. It is also advisable to purchase a rechargeable battery pack so that you can save money if you utilize the machine more often in the long run.

This machine has the capacity to hold around 100 plus balls with an adjustable frequency to load 70 bpm (balls per minute). With the help, if its large capacity, you do not have to reload or refill the balls quite often. This machine includes an instruction manual and remote control for easy assembling process. The iPong Topspin Trainer Table Tennis machine will be an ideal one for players, who prefer to play with the consistent topspin feed.


  • Most ideal for backhand & forehand strokes.
  • High load capacity.
  • Much easier for assembling and adjusting.

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iPong V300 Training Table Tennis Machine with Wireless Remote & Oscillation

Best Ping Pong Machine 2020 purchase

The Joola iPong V300 machine will offer a great technology with the assistance of highly effective software. This machine can offer efficient and great performance along with a comfortable experience. The software effectiveness will ensure this machine to provide accuracy & consistency during practicing. The Wireless remote can be used to reduce the effort & time required to modify the various options like backspin & topspin speed, the ball frequency, oscillation movement from side to side, and many more.

This machine has the capacity to hold numerous poly-type balls (4o or 40 mm) with its larger container. It can shoot the balls with an adjustable frequency at 70 bpm (balls per minute). The Joola iPong V300 machine utilizes the best powerful motor to improve the machine performance and also assists to work for a longer period. If the machine is in operation, it can also offer various provisions of high efficiency, intensity, and power.


  • Portable and much easier to use.
  • Best training partner along with improved performance.
  • High ball capacity.
  • Comfortable experience.
  • Much easier to adjust.

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iPong Expert Trainer Table Tennis Machine

Top and Best Ping Pong Machine

The iPong Expert Trainer Table Tennis machine will offer translucent housing to provide a clear view of available balls within the machine. This training machine is able to hold around 20 balls and also able to feed 30 balls automatically per minute. It comes with a compact design with 7-inches x 12-inches in size to offer to deem fit, easier to carry, and portable design.

This machine will provide the ability to easily hit the ball frequency and make it easier with the fundamental shots to practice for both backhand and forehand. It is the best one for a serious player to enhance their desired skill level. This product is powered with 4AA batteries. They also offer the new spiral feeding mechanism with gravity ball-type to eliminate the ball jamming and automatically ball feeding.


  • Simple launching technique.
  • Beneficial for a beginner.
  • The best option for Kids.
  • Ball jamming issues are not available.
  • Affordable price.

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Things to consider before purchasing the Ping Pong Machine

Find below a list of things to consider before purchasing the Ping Pong machine:

Price – The most important aspect before purchasing the Ping pong machine is to think about the money you spend on it. The machine pricing will vary from a thousand dollars based on various factors like features, durability, and many more. It should be worth your money and this investment to get the Ping Pong machine has to fulfill your requirements with certain price points.

Features – Ping Pong machines will offer numerous features based on your practice requirements and need to consider before purchasing the product. The basic amenities such as ability with program drills, refill nets, and hopper capacity will enhance the machine with additional cost. However, these features will assist the players to enhance their practice sessions more effective by reducing the session setup or reloading the machine with specific game aspects.

Users – Another important thing to consider before purchasing the machine is to utilize for personal use or it will be used by a club or numerous people. A few machines are attached to the table’s end and a few of them are available in free-standing mode. This allows the user to easily move the machine out of the way or wherever required for easy storage.

Play Level – What you exactly expect from the Ping pong machine is the most important consideration while purchasing it. Is it required to refine your ball-striking or form? Moreover, you need to practice against various situations like match simulation, spin, etc.

Ping Pong Machine – Working Process

Every day the ping pong machines are getting enhanced with advanced technologies. In recent years, these machines have improved just from shooting the ball with multiple speed & different spin-types, more complex drills performance, and also allow the users to connect the application to your mobile phone to track your game progress. Find below the list of features offered by the Ping Pong machine before purchasing the same:

Budget – Similar to any device, based on the pricing you can avail of numerous features. While purchasing the ping pong machine think that the product at $200 will not expect to work similar to a $1000 one. The numerous brands will offer multiple products at various price points and even allow them to upgrade the product if required. It is advisable to pay attention while purchasing the machine and better go with the lower tier model at the starting stage.

Complexity – A few ping pong machines will allow the users to program or set up their drill sequences such as pause between shots, spin type, ball replacement, etc. You can also adjust the ball speed as per your requirements. For example, if you prefer to practice more for enhancing the backhand shots then it is not required to look out for these features and can save more money.

Storage & Portability – It is required to plan whether you need to place the machine at your home or plan to take with you to the stadium or club. A few of them will weigh too much and practically not possible to carry with you. However, a few of them are lightweight and can easily fit or store in your backup.

Outlet Powered or Battery-powered – It is more essential to trade the portability to utilize the raw power. The direct plug-in ping pong machine can easily deliver more powerful and faster balls without battery life restriction. However, the battery-powered machine is much easier to set up and as well as carry to deliver the entire shots and spin-types.

Cord Remote or Wireless Remote – The latest machines will offer the Wireless remote to change the settings instantly. This feature can assist you to modify the spin-type from topspin to no-spin even if you are away from the machine. A few machines are connected with Cord remote and allowed to access only within a certain distance. It may cause a convenience issue never it is required instantly.

Spin Types – The most important and essential aspect of a ping pong machine is to master yourself with the spin ball. Most of the machines will not able to produce the entire spin-types. A few machines will not offer backspin type and it is not useful if you prefer to enhance your gameplay against backspin serve to receive or chopper style shots. Most of the expensive ping pong machines can easily deliver entire spin types, even with more combinations for practice.

Capacity – It is used to refer to the ball container’s size. The bigger-size machine has the ability to hold numerous balls. You need to consider the importance of picking up the balls and refilling the same. You can also opt for purchasing a machine that includes a recycling net. The special net is included with the machine that is placed behind the tennis table to collect & feed the balls to the ping pong machine automatically and allow you to train with more practice sessions.


We are happy to inform you that the above-provided information will be helpful to understand the importance of best ping pong machine 2020, things to consider before purchasing the machine, and moreover, the working process of the Ping Pong machine. You can refer to the 10 best Ping Pong machine along with its features for your consideration.

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