Best Kids Ping Pong Table 2020 and things to consider before buy

Kids will get the entire benefit from various ways from playing the ping pong games. It will assist your children to develop their co-ordination skills to become fun and competitive at the same time. You can find the best models and brands of Kids Ping Pong Table across the online marketplace to choose the preferred one. Most of the Kids Ping Pong Tables are available in all sizes and shapes. Many smaller child-friendly table tennis tables are available in both narrower & shorter models when compared to the standard adult-size tables.

Even mini-sized Kids Ping Pong tables will assist the toddlers with the game introduction. Many mid-sized table tennis tables are also available across the marketplace and make you a little bit difficult to choose the best one. It is advisable to prefer the most versatile table and the best brands. You can refer to this article to review the best Kids ping pong tables available for your consideration.

Important Tips to purchase the Kids Ping Pong Table

Find below the list of important tips that can help you to purchase the best Kids Ping Pong Table 2020:

Kids Ping Pong Table Set – You can find the entire Ping Pong table set for your kids across the online marketplace. It includes one ball, 2 rackets, and a miniature table tennis tabletop. These sets will also include the table legs and net. Children can easily learn the game basics with the help of this set. Even on another table, this table set can be utilized.

Best Place to purchase the Table Tennis table for Kids – If you are browsing to identify the best Kids Ping Pong table then it is advisable to check the online platform to know the availability and as well as some good reviews on the Amazon website. These sites will produce numerous products that are trusted and reviewed by numerous users.

Ping Pong Tables Rate – Due to smaller size, most of the Kids ping pong tables are very much cheaper when compared to the regular sizes. It comes with an affordable rate and may vary within $50 to $150. It has a smaller table structure and slightly weaker materials rather than the regular tables.

Storage – The Kids tables are designed and made easier to store and set up. It should be easier for the kids to assemble or disassemble the table since the table parts could be heavy. With regards to storage, this Kids table is easily stored and transported without any space requirement.

Portability – Most of the Kids table will not come in the same size similar to a regular table. It is generally smaller and has a small playing surface. It is an ideal one for the beginners and can utilize the full-size table within their available space.

Best Kids Ping Pong Tables

Find below the list of best Kids Ping Pong Tables 2020 available across the online market:

Acelife Compact & Midsize Ping Pong Table

Kids Ping Pong Table 2020

If you are worried to get the 2/3rd or 3/4th big size tables then it could be an ideal choice to purchase the Acelife Compact & Midlife Ping Pong table. This table width is very much smaller with 4”. The table is compact, portable, and lightweight, which is perfect for space-constrained users. It is ideal for recreational and kids usage which is much easier to set up and able to store anywhere after completing the gameplay.

This tabletop will offer a simple price point and also provides decent playing performance. Additionally, it is provided with three 3-star balls and also two complimentary paddles. It comes with a pre-assembled and has a good time to play the game. The table can be easily divided into two separate halves as self-standing tables, foldable table legs, and even much easier to store under the bed or closets. This table also comes along with a high-quality screw net.

No Assembly Requirement – It comes with a pre-assembled product and much easier to unfold the legs along with the included net for ready gameplay. It weighs around 49 pounds with full dimensions of 30H x 36W x 72L inches.

Included Net Set – An easily attachable net is included with this product and even the post set can also be attached using the classic screw clamp design.

Regulation Quality – This standard table height along with its smaller space will be perfect for various compact rooms like dorm rooms, basements, kid rooms, or apartments. It makes you feel similar to a regular size table.

Compact Storage – It is much easier to fold the legs and even place the two separate halves under the bed or even at closets. The storage dimension will be 36 x 36 inches.

Multi-purpose Table – If you are not playing with the table then you can separate each half and utilize the perfect square as a standing multi-purpose table.


  • Excellent Net set.
  • Complimentary balls and paddles.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Portable and Lightweight.

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Joola Compact Midsize Ping Pong Table

Best Kids Ping Pong Table

This ping pong table has incredibly sturdy with thin legs and specially designed to place the table from moving or rocking during the gameplay. It weighs around 62 pounds and also offers additional weight to keep the table sturdy and efficient. It is great and much easier to fold the legs. The older children can easily set up and store the table at their preferred location. This table has an attractive sleek black top and showcases its impressive design for younger kids. Even the older children can play along with the adults by using this standard height table.


  • It is one of the multipurpose tables.
  • Most ideal to play games during the winter seasons.
  • Much compact for living room sport.
  • You can save your room space and will only require a small room size.
  • Sturdy fold-out legs with 2 pairs can be used to lock the table at any particular space.
  • Much easier to store and also assemble.
  • It is portable & lightweight, much easier to carry & place it any location.
  • Superior quality table.
  • Overall awesome appearance & superb performance.

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Hathaway 6-feet Reflex Ping Pong Table

Buy Kids Ping Pong Table

This ping pong table comes with designed legs that won’t allow moving or wobbling during the setup process. This table is incredibly sturdy and much easier for the younger children to learn during the gameplay against the table. After separating the two halves, it is easier to utilize across the home to have additional table space. You can fold flat to keep them for storage under the bed or closet to free-up the space.

The foldable legs can be easily unfolded and set up the table whenever it is required. It also has incredibly easy and fast storage. You can lock the table legs to prevent wobbling and leg levelers to offer the flat playing surface for its users.

Manufacturer Warranty – This ping pong table provides a manufacturer warranty for 180-days to its users. You can trust that the product will reach damage-free along with required accessories and parts. If not, you can easily replace the product at no cost.

Dimensions – Folded Dimensions: 37H x 4D x 36W inches. Table Dimensions: 30H x 37W x 72L inches.

Strength & Stability – It offers extra durability with powder-coated steel frame legs with 1-inch and also reinforced. The legs can be locked and cannot wobble during the gameplay. Stabilizing leg and independent levelers will keep this table steady & sturdy without damaging the floor.
Small Size – Both halves of this ping pong table will appear like a free-standing square table and makes it ideal for playing puzzles, board games, playing cards, or even include some extra space at parties. In case if you require more space then you can fold the table and store is easier to gain more space.

No Assembly Requirement –The table with both halves will include pre-attached folding legs. Unpack the package and remove the table, unfold the legs, simply attach the net, and get ready to start your gameplay.


  • Manufacturer warranty for 180 days.
  • Much strength and stability.
  • Not required to assemble.

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Stiga Compact Space Saver Ping Pong Table

Quality Kids Ping Pong Table

The Stiga Compact Space Saver table will offer a great offer that if the table is not utilized for gameplay then two utilize those two separate halves as multi-purpose tables for a party or around the house. This table will offer various benefits to those families who own it. It is one of the perfect-size tables and ideal for both adults & younger children to enjoy the game.

This product comes with a net and a post set that can easily be tightened for preventing sagging while playing the games. Each leg is provided with leg levelers and much easier to ensure level playing and flat surface while using the table. The smaller size tables are ideal for the kids and it can also be utilized by adults since they are not a miniature size table.


  • Included with Warranty.
  • Great Surface, finish, & color.
  • It comes with post set & net.
  • Multi-purpose as a card table.
  • Very affordable price.
  • MDF table top & solid construction.
  • Lightweight body and ideal for Kids.
  • This table is portable and easy to setup.

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Kettler TMNT (Teenage Mutant) Ping Pong Table

Kids Ping Pong Table in market

These Kids ping pong tables will have a ½” thickness playing surface that assistance the balls with enough bounce and make it easier for the kids to hit them without any stress or tension. The familiar faces of TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) are placed on the table’s each corner. Your kids will be more impressed and inspired to play the game with the assistance of bright green top and legs.

It is much easier to fold or unfold and you can take along with you during travel. The bright and fun graphics will capture enough attention to their kids and make them learn ping pong games & pick up the paddle. It comes with a compact size for your kids to use and very easy to store this product in the living room corner or under your bed.


  • It comes with 4 ping pong balls & 2 rackets with turtle’s characters.
  • Compact & perfect size.
  • Lightweight & much easier to move.
  • Best gift for Kids.
  • MDG Surface material.
  • 15mm Surface thickness.

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Cornilleau Sport Outdoor 500M Ping Pong Table

Buy Stiga Compact Space Saver Ping Pong Table

Cornilleau Sports Outdoor 500M is one of the best Kids Ping Pong tables available across the online platform. It is centrally focused on storage, mobility, and safety to design a top-quality product. To avoid any scuffs to the table or you then the corners are very well protected using the one-touch locking mechanism with the storage. The locking mechanism will assist not only stay the table shut but also they remain locked to place while open.

This table provided with 4 wheels to make it easier to set up and also move around the place. It is one of the shortest with adjustable height and even the Sports 500M makes it much better with 2-feet tall for entire ages. It is an ideal table for the Outdoors and offers an anti-glare surface feature. It is also possible to utilize Indoors to impress the people with its durability to withstand the harsh weather conditions.

In case if you are not playing the game then you can easily fold the half-way of the table and utilize the same for practicing sessions. After completing the practice session, you can easily and neatly fold the table without any hassle. This is another best ping pong table for entire ages and will last for many years.


  • Notched tread with almost 8” larger double-wheels.
  • Adjustable Legs, Wheelchair friendly, and Galvanized Steel frame.
  • Easy and safe to fold for Playback or Storage.
  • Durable or Weatherproof.
  • An excellent bounce with 10x Glare Reduction and 7mm Laminate surface.

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Kettler Top Star Weatherproof XL Ping Pong Table with Accessories

Kids Ping Pong Table in 2020

Kettler Weatherproof XL table is one of the best tennis tables that offer waterproof cover, 2 table tennis rackets with HALO 5.0 type, and 6 high-quality balls. It is a regular size table with a measurement of 3” tall, 9” x 5” stands. The 4 durable wheels will assist the table for easy rolling and moving. This could be a perfect table tennis table for entire ages and offers the best addition to your family’s backyard. It has a completely weatherproof surface, waterproof finish, and also a fade-proof finish for ensuring a better life span. In case if you prefer to play a solo game then make use of the patented dual safety lock mechanism to fold one end.

Most of the tables are unique and will create a better gap for allowing the ball to go through. However, this table is more cautious about the gap and does not offer a bigger size. The 2 paddles with HALO 5.0 type with well-designed and waterproof can offer high-impact playing. It includes a 3-star 6 ping pong balls and also a beautiful concave design handle. In case if the table is not in use then it is much easier to fold, rolled, and even covered using the waterproof tarp.


  • Water-based paint.
  • ALU-TEC Climate control.
  • Space-saving design.
  • It also includes some free accessories.
  • Resistant to scratch and fade.

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Butterfly TR21 Indoor Personal Rollaway Ping Pong Table

This is another best Kids ping pong table for a novice player and offers the basic recreational game. It is created using high-quality materials and can easily withstand for many years to use. This table could be the best one for the basement, garage, game room, or even for a community center. The top hardwood will offer extreme durability and also finished to offer the possible bounce. The steel legs will ensure the table to offer stability and remain with a good shape for many years.

For storage, it can be easily folded and also rolled to place around the corners. The one-piece design will assist to adjust its half-length & full length within a few seconds. The side portion also includes the ball holder and a paddle. This is one of the regular-size tables with 3-feet height and 9” x 5” to offer great appearance for anyone who prefers to play regular table tennis game.


  • It comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Ball bearing casters with 5” utilized for fold & roll system.
  • 27-inches wide, 74-inches height for an easy fold.
  • For more protective, you can utilize 1-inch steel legs, 1-1/2-inch steel railing rim, and ¾-inch wood tabletop.

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The STIGA Instaplay Ping Pong Table

Kids Ping Pong Table online

Stiga is one of the most popular and best table tennis gear manufacturers across the online marketplace and most of the professionals will utilize their tables. This ping pong table is created using high-quality materials. This top is finished, painted multiple times, and even sanded to offer sleek clear coat and smooth surface. The Steel apron will ensure more bounce and even the unnecessary injuries can be avoided by using the corner protectors. After setting up the table and get ready to start the game, you can utilize the 4 magnetic wheels with the easy-clicking locks to offer the best stability to the game.

This can be used for Indoor users, two-halved, and separate tables, which is much easier to fold compactly and neatly. Similar to other two-piece tables, it is also possible to transform the one-to-one gameplay to a practice session. The safety latch system can be used during the game to prevent any unexpected opening or accessing. The most important features of the Stiga InstaPlay table are that no assembly required. This table comes with a fully intact, so just unpack the product from the box and get ready to start the gameplay.


  • An excellent choice and an ideal one for kids or beginners.
  • Solo Play feature & independent table unit.
  • 100% pre-assembled.
  • The Post Set of 66”and Net comes along with this ping pong table.
  • Steel Aprons with 2” included with Corner Protection.
  • Mag Ball Bearing wheels with 3” and Legs with 2” for locks.
  • Silk screen striping with thick black ¾” tabletop.
  • Make use of InstaPlay Technology and no assembly required.

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Joola Rapid 150 Play Ping Pong Table

Kids Ping Pong Table buying guide

This is one unique table that offers numerous in-built accessories such as a magnetic scoreboard, balls holder, and many more. The table corner will include the balls holding compartments along with the classic abacus style of the scoreboard. For easy setup, you can utilize the clamp-on net system. It has two halves of the table and able to join in the middle. It is much easier and comfortable to split or shift the table to another location even during the middle of a game.

It features an anti-tilting device along with snap-locking 4 castor wheels to assist the table to keep locked during the gameplay. The MDF painted 15mm surface will provide the painting process with detailed polyurethane to enhance the resistance for scratches and ball marks. The table can be easily leveled during the gameplay using the adjustable legs and even fold the tabletop under the bed or living room’s corner for compact storage. The table is mounted with a 30mm x 30mm powder-coated thick undercarriage and four durable casters will assist for safe transport.

The JTL could be referred to as an Indoor table and comes with two pieces for compact storage. This table can also be utilized for one player game, where one half can be folded and another one can be used for playing position. It has adjustable feet and legs to compensate for entire age players. This model could be the best and ideal for kids, teens, and preteens. With the two-piece design, it could be much difficult for the kids to set up and transform the table.


  • Table folds for compact storage, playback mode, and easy mobility.
  • Just two-piece product.
  • The table is feet to level.
  • This product includes the Double Anti-Tiling device to offer adjustable rubber and increased safety.
  • For Easy game scoring, it includes the detachable Magnetic Scoring device.
  • Corner Ball Holders. (It can hold up to a maximum of three balls within the holder however, balls are not included in the product).

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Things to consider before purchasing the Kids Ping Pong Table

Find below a few lists of things to consider before purchasing the best Kids Ping Pong table:

Price – Most of the Kids ping pong tables will start its pricing from $100 and up to a maximum of $1000. Many users will prefer to get the best brand around $200 to provide the right balance of pricing & value. However, some cheaper ping pong tables less than $150 will be suited only for kids and offer average playing performance. If you prefer to get premium performance within your budget then you can plan to purchase the best brand priced at $300.

Construction – This is one of the most important things you need to consider while purchasing the Kids ping pong table for your children. The table design and quality will work for you for many years. You need to consider the tables that include the in-built undercarriage made up of a thick steel frame of 1-inch. Next, you can check the utilization of the folding mechanism.

A sturdy ping pong table will offer extra supporting bars for each L section and also folding hinge with a cross-bar. Most of the tables will include an average net and it is advisable to choose the solid screw-type net for better assistance. It is mandatory to have rubber padding on each leg. If it is not available then it may scratch your carpets or even prized flooring.

Top Thickness – You can expect and decide the gameplay level by ultimately choosing the top surface thickness. The best playability can be offered by <15mm Thicker boards and casual play is suited by <10mm Thinner boards. In case if you prefer to get competitive gaming then it is better to choose the >15mm, top thickness board. It is recommended to have 12mm or 15mm board for recreational usage.

Size – Most of the Kids ping pong tables are available in numerous sizes such as 2/3rd, 3/4th, or less. A 2/3rd table will be ideal for families and kids to gain fun game time. A 3/4th table will be better and similar to a regular table for playing free sports and practice well without feeling cramped. Many smaller ones will look for an easy-to-carry and portable table.

Ping Pong Table Types

It is not sufficient to have Ping Pong table covers for your table protection in the outdoors. Moreover, you do not need to purchase an indoor ping pong table, which is not covered, weatherproof, and can leave it outside. Most of the Outdoor and Indoor tables will be available in the following types:

Stationary table – This table type could be ideal to play the tennis game that occupies a lot of space. Most of the outdoor table tennis tables are stationary. These tables are particularly tended to be more stable and heavily built.

Rollaway tables – These tables will come with chassis on wheels to make it much easier to fold the units to store compactly. You can select the model that includes robust flames to get more durability. The Butterfly model would be the best brand across the online platform to manufacture weatherproof, top-quality, and high bounce rate units. Never forget about the model that can easily fold and unfold.

Convertible top tables – These types of ping pong tables are referred to as intermediate & beginner table to offer the playback position. This unit will be ideal for a single player to get enough practice using the table’s one side and another one as a blackboard. Even an inexperienced player can easily practice the ball returning without any accurate hits.

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