Best Air Hockey Tables to buy in 2020

Air Hockey Tables are designed using the plastic and also slick surfaces. The playing field will be entirely surrounded by the raised edges that help to safeguard the puck to fly away from the table. The Air hockey tables are symmetrically drilled with tiny holes throughout the surface and create a frictionless or even playing field. Here we are going to discuss about the best air hockey tables that before going to buy.

Below the table, a fan is placed to blow enough air within the drilled holes. The puck can float with the assistance of air pressure and makes it appear as it is levitating. Hovercraft technology also utilizes the same set of principles. The smooth surface will be the key area to create this entire effect and the air was blown evenly throughout the playing board while the fan pumps up.

Without getting stuck, this allows the puck to move forward from the opposing player end to the playing board’s other end. Even if the player tries to stop the puck, it will keep on moving slowly. It is not cheating, the air with small funnels are forced to blow through the floor could be the main reason. You can easily feel the air blowing through the drilled holes while keeping your hand on the playing table.

Air Hockey Tables – Different Types

All the Air hockey tables are not the same type. You can find numerous types of air hockey tables available across the marketplace that is created with different preferences and requirements. Find below a list of common air hockey tables types to know of:

Multi-Games Tables

With the assistance of engineering advancement now, you can utilize a game playing table that includes more than one game. The Multi-games playing table is specially equipped to play more than 2 arcade games. For instance, a game-playing table is used to play Ping Pong and as well as Air hockey. However, it is not recommended by many reviewers even though it sounds better. The player experience quality will be affecting the games diversity and this could be the main reason for not recommending this playing table.

Air Hockey Tables of Arcade-Style

This type of playing board is referred to as the real best air hockey tables that represent the entire requirements of an Air Hockey table. When compared with the other tables, this type is sturdier and made up of top-notch material. It is also most expensive than others in the marketplace.

Based on the model, you can utilize other extra features of having a scoring board, and also with sound effects. It has an extra-smooth playing surface to provide an effective playing experience. This playing table will last for numerous years and the exact Air Hockey tables utilized in the recreational and arcades centers.

Regular Air Hockey Tables

It is referred to as the most common type available across the marketplace. For information, it comes with multiple sizes and varies from full-size playing table for adults and mini-tables for children. It is not much expensive when compared with the arcade-style playing tables. The reason could be that the playing table comes with music, lights, and even an electronic scoring panel. This is the best suitable tables for teenagers and kids. For adults, it is advisable to use the arcade-style playing table to get a better playing experience.

Tabletop Air Hockey Tables

If you don’t have much available space then Tabletop playing table could be the perfect solution. This type of table is removable & portable. It can be placed on any tabletop by using the rubber feet. For instance, you can place this playing board on the floor surface, game room table, kitchen table, or even the dining table. This type of air hockey table is the cheapest one to utilize in your home. Without any height restriction, this is one of the best choices for children to attach the playing board to any tabletop.

How to choose the best Air Hockey Tables

Table Size

This is one of the most important factors and needs to know whether it can be personal preferences and stationed. You will get a normal price tag along with a wide playing surface if you prefer to invest more on a large table. However, large tables are as fun as small tables.


The air hockey table will be attached with a powerful motor to blow air throughout the drilled holes on the playing table. The puck can move easily and will not get stuck midway by using the higher voltage motors. However, the problem could be more airflow by using the high voltage motor. 120V motor could be the ideal one for a good balance.

Rink Walls

Based on the materials, they construct the rink walls. You can choose the table that can easily deflect the puck to get stuck off or easily move on. It is advisable to choose the Nylon or Aluminum made rink walls to get the ultimate experience.

Table Construction

Air Hockey table should be designed to withstand the expected abuse since it is a competitive game. A few factors such as high-quality construction material and thick well-supported legs can offer the best usability and durability. The table construction can offer great benefits by adding electronic scoreboard and LED lighting.

Used vs. New

Most of them will prefer to purchase the used playing table instead of buying a new one. However, the opinion may vary if you opt for a durable table. It is always advisable to purchase a new playing table so that you can easily return or utilize the companies warranty for any manufacturer defects. Even, if you are planned to purchase a new one, think twice about the ranging price to buy the best air hockey table.

Find below a list of a few best Air Hockey tables 2019 that are available across the online marketplace:

Atomic Blazer – Air Hockey Table

best air hockey tables buy

The Atomic Blazer model measuring at 7-inch is slightly smaller when compared to the other top-shelf playing tables. Similar to other products, this is one of the best air hockey tables is much easier and enough to fit in any room. The Blazer model comes with overhanging rails, 120V heavy-duty motor, and an electronic scoreboard to assist with reducing the puck bounce and also provide adjustable legs for flattest playing and fairest surface. This table is built with solid mode to offer the least enthusiastic and advanced performance for air hockey players.

The fast-paced table surface will guarantee to win the exciting battles with reflexes and wits. This playing table can also able to accommodate the conversion of a tabletop to a table tennis table. It is much easier to crown yourself in front of your neighbors, family members, and friends as a multi-sport champion. This playing table can also be utilized as the best housewarming gift to your loved one.


  • It is possible to convert as Table tennis.
  • Included with 4×3” pucks and 4x strikers.
  • Electronic scoreboard.
  • Air flows with high-powered.
  • Puck bounce is reduced using the overhanging rail.


  • Simple Installation.
  • One price can offer two games tables.
  • For cooperative gameplay, you will get multiple stickers and pucks.

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Harvil 4 Foot – Air Hockey Table

Buy best air hockey tables

When compared with the earlier model of Harvil 5 Foot Air hockey table, this Harvil 4 Foot table will come with compact size, a smaller scale, at a cheaper price, and deliver the same set of features. This Harvil 4 Foot playing table with upgraded 2018 parts will offer a complete electronic scoreboard to records the entire goals with accurate points. The earlier models will assist to get more comfortable puck retrieval with wider goals.

This is one of the perfect playing tables with a small size for an entire family to play. The battle can be conducted between kids and adults to discover the Table’s Championship. It includes the L-shaped adjustable legs that can assist to stabilize the playing table for more secure games and deliver the possible fairest. You can relive the arcade days and get the exciting play by utilizing the perfect way of faster fan speed. The coin slot with reluctant dropping quarters, without sticky surfaces and noise.


  • Included with Accessories (2x pucks and 2x paddles).
  • Amazing games are available with fast fan speed.
  • Easier puck removal using wider goals.
  • Increased stability using the L-shaped legs.
  • Accurate scoring with the help more stable scoreboard.


  • It is enough compact to fit in any room.
  • 90-day manufacturer warranty.
  • Authentic gameplay for stable electronics.

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Triumph Lazer 6’ Lumen-X Interactive – Air Hockey Table

Purchase best air hockey tables

The Lumen-X model with 6-feet from Triumph will offer the best air hockey tables to offer stylish fun and endless to carry out the morning with harsh light and even through the night. This table will offer In-rail with LED lights along with the interactive features of in-game music to get back your arcade-obsessed childhood. Without any worry about your curfew, you can stuff yourself with pizza or slurp on soda.

This table is equipped with a powerful dual motor to deliver the continuous airflow to get the accelerated gameplay. In front of this interesting playing table, you and also your close friends will miss numerous appointments. An electronic scoreboard is included with this playing table to provide a value-added advantage to its users. You can experience the guaranteed best air hockey games by using the 2 ultra-bright strikers and 1 light-up puck.


  • Electronic scoreboard.
  • Dual motor airflow.
  • Consistent stability with adjustable legs.
  • Provided with bright colored strikers and light-up puck.
  • In-game music and also In-rail interactive LED lights.


  • Automatic Scoreboard.
  • 90-day manufacturer warranty.
  • A perfect atmosphere with the help of in-game music.

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Atomic Top Shelf – Air Hockey Table

best air hockey tables in 2020

Atomic Top Shelf is one of the popular and best air hockey tables measuring with 7.5-inch to fulfill your entire expectations. It comes with a combination of both traditions with modernity and your games room with arcade action. The 120V powered motor included in this table will ensure competitive games, fast-paced allowed by speedy puck movement, and also smooth. Lumen-X Technology will enhance the further features to provide a classic arcade atmosphere that includes two-sided pucks, strikers, and bumpers.

For additional intensity, this air hockey table will offer high-tempo tunes to guarantee with throughout focused stay and your adrenaline pumping. With regards to the construction side, the MDF surface with PVC laminated will offer a durable playing field without any damage to the tabletop. The four large legs will withstand potential temper tantrums and also the most competitive match-ups.


  • It provided with hexagonal spinner red puck and blue & red strikers.
  • Durable construction.
  • In-game music.
  • Slickest playing surface with an airflow of 120V powered motor.
  • True-arcade experience with Lumen-X technology.


  • USB Rechargeable strikers.
  • Airflow with a high-powered system.
  • Sturdy frame and durable tabletop.

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Triumph Fire & Ice – Air Hockey Table

best air hockey tables 2020

Triumph Fire & Ice Air hockey table can easily turn your playroom to a different mode of capsule consumption. This table can be used to play even in the dark with the help of light-up features in table corners with blue & red battles and also LED pucks. For extra stability, this table is equipped with sturdy crossbeams and electronic scoring to play enough for adults, teens, and kids.

It utilizes the AC power card with proven durable to offer an easily unplugged option to save money instead of batteries. The airflow is not too great but can offer better enjoyment for all ages. The gimmicky table will focus more on its style instead of substance. However, it will not intrude fun enjoyment during the gameplay. Most of the manly men will prefer to play on this lovely table.


  • Quick assembly time (around 40 minutes).
  • Electronic scoreboard.
  • Increased stability with cross beams.
  • 2X light up pucks & pushers.
  • Fire & Ice theme with blue & red lights.


  • Fast assembly time.
  • Durable & Stable electronics and construction.
  • Cool looking design.

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Hathaway Foot Face-Off 5 – Air Hockey Table

best air hockey tables in market

Hathaway Foot Face-Off 5 Air Hockey table will embarrass your family members and friends by recreating your preferred hockey games. With the help of complete cool designs, it is much easier to replicate your favorite Stanly Cup triumphs. It comes with premium airflow with the drilled 1500 holes, strong, and an electronic scoreboard. Much easier to shoot your puck within the playing table and make it cool without any stress.

It has a breeze construction and needs to follow only 5 steps to complete the entire assembly and start accepting your first challenge. You can gain a better playing surface with the guaranteed fitted leg levelers and engineered wood construction. The best and most popular pool cues are selected to gain more great items to utilize within this playing table.


  • Electronic Scoring.
  • Most of the competitive games can withstand with sturdy and strong.
  • 2X pucks & 2X strikers.
  • Steady stream with an axial fan of 5 blades for smooth & air puck movement.
  • Easy storage for a compact design.


  • Compact and Slim.
  • Durable to use even at the hardest slap shots.
  • Included with entire accessories.

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Playcraft Table Top Sport – Air Hockey Table

best air hockey tables in budget

The Playcraft Table Top sport is one of the best air hockey tables that are available across the online marketplace. If you are not willing to opt for a full-sized playing table then the Playcraft playing table would be the ideal one for you. Similar to the Harvil Air hockey table, it will not take much room space and can fulfill your entire air hockey expectations with fun & enjoyment.

This mini air hockey table measures with 40-inch will offer a hardwood frame of sturdy MDF to fit on any available tabletop. It also uses the 100 CFM UL-approved air-powered motor to offer numerous hours to play to the fun. Playcraft Sport Air Hockey Table is an ideal one for those who prefer to play with younger family members or a small group of friends.


  • Included with entire accessories.
  • Ideal for children.
  • Easy storage with enough small space.
  • Long-lasting and Sturdy frame.
  • Fast return puck catcher.
  • It can easily fit on any tabletop.
  • Paddles and pucks included.


  • Included with entire accessories.
  • Ideal for children.
  • Easy to store under enough space.

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Final words

So, people who all are looking for the best air hockey tables to buy in budget, then without going for a second thought, one can go ahead with above discussed products.

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