Best 10 gift ideas for New Year 2020

New Year 2020 Celebrations will not be perfectly completed without exchanging gifts or partying with your family members, relatives, or friends. Since we are approaching near to this New Year, most of us would have already decided with new plans for this specific date. The gift that you exchange on this occasion is special and memorable. If you prefer to plan a gift then you can utilize the best gift ideas from Amazon to search for New Year gifts.

You can browse from the numerous available options to find the specific one to match your individual’s preference and taste. It is much easier to purchase the best gifts from Amazon online and deliver the same to your loved one. It includes useful and fashionable gifts for the elders and adorable gifts for the youngest family members. Find below the list of best gift ideas for New Year 2020 to surprise your friends, relatives, or family members.

Gift Ideas for New Year 2020

1. Sonos Move

best gift ideas for New Year 2020 buy

After numerous years of hard work, Sonos has created a new model that can easily fit and great for your outdoors. The in-built handle and weather-resistant product can work up to a maximum of 10-hour battery along with clear and powerful audio. You can utilize Google Assistant & Alexa integration to connect with Wi-Fi (wireless) connection and out of range, you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker. Also, it is said to be one of the best gift ideas for New Year 2020.

Ultra-Durable – Never worry about the bumps or accidental drops. This component is fully protected with a shock-resistant and hardwearing case.

Weather-resistant – With the assistance of the IP56 rating, this product can withstand extreme cold & heat, UV rays, salt spray, dust, snow, rain, and humidity.

Powerful Battery – Enjoy this product to have continuous playtime, powerful, and deep sound for 10 hours. It is much easier to recharge using the compatible USB Type-C charger or the base.

Brilliant Sound – You can experience an automatic TruePlay tuning, a wide soundscape, and deep bass to perfectly balance the sound to your favorite music.

Voice Control – It is completely hands-free and using the in-built Amazon Alexa integration to connect using Wi-Fi to answer your questions, set alarms, check the news, play music, and many more.

Easy to use – This product has simple control and a much easier setup process with your voice, AirPlay 2, and the Sonos app. You can utilize the Bluetooth connection when Wi-Fi is not available.

New Look – Sonos Move is one of the brilliant devices with a battery-packed, durable smart speaker that can be used for indoor & outdoor listening.


  • Dustproof, water-resistant, and Sturdy
  • In-built automatic TruePlay Technology
  • First Sonos included with Bluetooth connectivity feature
  • User-replaceable battery
  • Sonos systems integration
  • Google Assistant & Alexa integration
  • Contemporary design

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2. One Eleven Solar (SWII) – rPet Watch

best gift ideas for New Year 2020 purchase

One Eleven launched the latest & trending wristwear which is an eco-friendly resistance and timepiece. The analog movement is charged by utilizing solar power. It comes with a 42 mm handsome and water-resistant case which is created by using the plant-based castor oil. The reclaimed water bottles are used to make the Velcro strap. Moreover, the packaging is also recycled.

  • With 100 m (330 feet) water-resistant, it is suitable for snorkeling, swimming, or bathing. However, it is not resistant to scuba diving.
  • This sustainable brand will create its collections using reuse materials, minimizing the environmental impact, and also to reduce waste.
  • Nylon band with White rPet is created from recycled water bottles and also includes the adjustable Velcro strap.
  • The plant-based castor oil is used to make Yellow bio-plastic case and stick indices for the yellow dial.
  • Imported, 3 Hands analog display with solar-powered movement, crystal lens with hardened minerals, 22 mm band size, and 42 mm Case size.
  • It can be continually charged using both artificial and natural light.


  • Plastic Case and 3 Hands watch
  • Stainless Steel Case and Date Clock
  • 42 mm Case Diameters
  • No batteries required, charging with the help of Solar Light

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 3. Amazon Kindle

best gift ideas for New Year 2020 kindle

Amazon’s standard Kindle is one of the best gift ideas for New Year 2020 option for the e-reader. This device utilizes the E Ink touchscreen which helps to read visible even in the bright sunlight. It comes with a 6-inch & 6-ounce slim design which is much easier to hold in one-hand and able to place in your pockets. The in-built front light can assist the screen to make it readable even in complete darkness. It includes numerous million titles from Amazon or also possible to get your favorite titles through the local library.

  • Enjoy the more audible books. You can pair with Bluetooth speakers or headphones to switch between listening & reading.
  • The powerful battery can work for a week.
  • Make use of Prime Reading and the Prime members are allowed to access an unlimited number of free articles.
  • Amazon Kindle includes thousands of tiles in its database and you can choose your favorite audiobooks, newspapers, and books as per your choice.
  • Read your articles with distraction-free. You can adjust text size, translate words, look up definitions, and highlight passages without leaving the article page.
  • With the help of a glare-free 167 PPI display, you can read the articles even from the direct sunlight.
  • The front lights are adjustable to make you read comfortably, outdoors & indoors, and day & night.


  • Numerous storage
  • Excellent Battery life
  • Fantastic New fonts
  • Advanced typesetting
  • Sharp display

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4. Form Swim Goggles

best gift ideas for New Year 2020 cost

It is much easier for runners to view their respective workout statistics on their wrist. The same information will be displayed for the swimmers with the help of the Form Swim Goggles. You can get the real-time workout data on your heads-up display such as distance, pace, stroke rate, and time. Without any stroke break, it is much easier to monitor your performance through your right or left eyepiece.

Battery Life – It comes with a 1-year manufacturer limited warranty and battery life for 16 hours. A perfect training tool for triathletes and swimmers.

Premium Goggles Design – Waterproof up to a maximum of 10 meters (32 feet). It features with adjustable silicone strap, bridge sizes of five noses, silicone eye seals with contoured FDA-certified, and anti-fog with permanent chemical-resistant.

Form Swim App – This app can be used on both Android & iPhone for Apple Health, Garmin Connect, Training Peaks, Strava workouts syncing, smart display customization, and pool review metrics.

Personalized Metrics – Heart rate sensors + OH1, Polar OH1, and metrics of live heart rate are supported. Numerous personalized metrics such as calories, distance, pace per 50, pace per 100, stroke count or rate, split times, and many more.

Form Swim Goggles Smart Display – While you swim, you can utilize the smart display to view the metrics. Not required to stop your smartwatch or counting the laps.


  • It offers the users with the ability to change the different statistics for displaying the 3 distinct parts of your swim
  • Highly accurate with 100/50 per pace. Make use of its analog pool clock and validate it truly
  • You can easily adjust the brightness to your comfort zone
  • It included with nice storage case, high-quality materials, and well-designed similar to the Speedo Vanquisher series
  • Information, Clean, and Simple with impressive display execution

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5. Master & Dynamic MW65

best gift ideas for New Year 2020 for him

The Master & Dynamic MW65 product is a little bit expensive product and one of the best gift ideas for New Year 2020. The customized beryllium 40 mm drivers can deliver warm and balanced sound with exteriors of leather & aluminum construction. The battery life with 24 hours and two-levels noise canceling will make you purchase this favorite product.

Sound Quality – Great to hear the music of entire genres. MW65 product will deliver the perfect balance between highs, midst, bass, superior audio, and leaving the crisp.

In-built Dual Microphones – Without utilizing your phone, you can use the voice assistant to speak, make clear phone calls, and enjoy entertainment.

In-built Google Assistance – Google Assistant can be used to get on-the-go assistance.

Premium Materials – It is designed with fine leathers and lightweight anodized aluminum for superior comfort. 32 Ohms Impedance, wrapped Memory foam, Lambskin replaceable ear pads. The warm and rich sound produced by customized beryllium 40 mm drivers.

ANC (Active Noise Canceling) Technology Headphones – Noise cancellation with two different modes will transport your mind, inspire, designed to focus, and filter out any external unwanted noise.

Wireless Bluetooth Technology – The battery life with 24 hours and Bluetooth ranges with 65+ feet (20+ meters average) with 3x industry standards.


  • Active Noise-canceling with three levels
  • Comfortable & lightweight over-the-ear design
  • Real leather & Metal construction
  • USB Type-C charging
  • Intuitive controls
  • Great audio quality
  • Stellar Design
  • Great battery life up to 24-hour
  • Google Assistant integration
  • Premium materials
  • Luxurious in both feel & sound

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6. Denon DP-450 USB

best gift ideas for New Year 2020 for friends

Denon’s DP-450 turntable will be an audiophile component with precisely weighted tonearm and belt-driven platter. It is future-proofed with the front-side USB port. You can connect the USB drive and place the need towards the Vintage Coltrane LP and just hit the Record button. Anything that is spinning will be converted into Compact Disc (CD) quality files and load the same to your digital gadgets.

Ultimate Audio Experience – Denon’s re-engineering expert can offer solid build quality, modern design, and clean aesthetics. This elegant table can use your classic vinyl collection with your home entertainment system.

Easy Setup & Installation – It is simple to set up the turntable in your home theater or living room with the pre-mounted cartridge. You can start listening instantly to your vinyl collections.

In-built Phone Equalizer – This product will produce the original recording from your vinyl collection by enveloping & opening the sound stage. It can be directly connected to an integrated amp or a mini component which lacks the phono terminal use.

Unique Curved Tonearm Design – The horizontal tracking angled tonearm is carefully designed for playback and auto lift to safeguard your vinyl records. Without any damage, it can produce crystal clear sound and reduce harmonic distortion.

Flexibility & Features – The multiple features are MusiCut software to edit the ripped vinyl records, USB A output using one-touch recording, accurate sound with auto sensor speed, MC & MM cartridge support, weighted belt-driven platter, and many more.

Rediscover your Vinyl – This art automatic turntable will convert your old analog records into a digitalized format to support 78, 45, or 33.5 RPM with a huge collection of rotating speeds.


  • You can get clear audio from the designed Tracking tonearm
  • Your records are protected by semi-automatic design. It is specially designed to lift automatically after finishing the record
  • Much easier to set up and do not include any complex parts since the cartridge was already installed
  • Easy setup and USB capabilities for ripping audio. It is perfect to convert your old records and offer the best opportunities to utilize the sample vinyl
  • No required to change the belt and also supports 78, 45, or 33.5 RPM
  • The external phono preamp connection can be bypassed by using the internal preamp connection
  • At the album ends, the tonearm will lift with the help of semi-automatic design
  • Excellent performance and solid build quality
  • Your vinyl can be easily digitalized (output file can be MP3 or WAV file format and transfer the same to a USB drive)

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7. Nintendo Switch Lite

best gift ideas for New Year 2020 for kids

Nintendo Switch Lite console is another most popular and best gaming machines available across the online platform as best gift ideas for New Year 2020. and this could be a new member to your family. It can perfectly work for any younger sibling of Switch games. However, this full-size Switch can is not possible to connect directly to the television. But you can use the Mobile-only Lite option to get is much smaller and cheaper.

  • It is compatible with digital Nintendo and physical Switch games which can support the handheld mode.
  • This product features with an in-built Control Pad, fully integrated controls with a unibody design, and sleek.
  • Nintendo Switch Lite is referred to as light and small Nintendo Switch System to optimize the handheld & personal play.
  • At a greater price, you can purchase this handheld gaming.


  • Comfortable Design
  • A wide range of color selection
  • More portable
  • Smaller & Lighter

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8. Fujifilm Instax Mini Li-Play

best gift ideas for New Year 2020 for her

You can utilize this pocket-size combination of instant printer and camera to place on your Instagram wall. You can preview the images on the LCD screen before printing them. The Instax Mini film will cost around $12 to get a pack of 20 sheets. The 5 MP sensor & glass lens can produce sharper images and download the images to your mobile phone.

  • Review your photos and choose them before printing.
  • Make use of your mobile phone similar to a shutter button to capture group photos.
  • Your photo can be attached with a recorded sound and use the QR code to scan the playback.
  • Numerous filters and frames are available for fun printing.
  • Capture and print the images instantly from your mobile phone or tablet or camera using the Bluetooth connection.
  • Get creative and select the best one to enhance your images from 6 filters and 30 fun frames.
  • Your display screen can capture and print the images.
  • It is much easier to fit the compact size anywhere.
  • Within 20 seconds, you can send & print your photos. Moreover, a single charge can print up to a maximum of 100 photos.
  • 3 Stylish colors to Play and Live Life.


  • Good Image quality, Fun, Bluetooth, Pocketable, Compact, and Small
  • You can print numerous times of the images you shot
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Make use of the QR Code that is available on the Instax film to include nice sound
  • Nice ergonomics
  • Sharper image quality

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9. Fellow Carter Mug, 16 oz.

best gift ideas for New Year 2020 cost

This Carter coffee mug with the vacuum-insulated mouth is wide enough for pouring to accommodate dripper along with the 16-ounce interior of the ceramic coating that can preserve the single-origin nuanced flavors of bean juice. The lid can easily lock the inside liquid around 270-degree twist and the available thin stainless steel rim is specially designed for dip-free sipping.

Double Wall Vacuum with Heat-lock – Most of them will not prefer to use the triple-walled heat-lock. The stainless steel with 304 18/8 insulation can retain the cold for around 24 hours and hear for around 12 hours.

Brew & Go Compatibility – The mouth is designed with a 69 mm diameter to fit with the most popular and best manual brewing devices.  It is optimized with cupholder compatibility to get the best coffee drinking experience. However, it is not suitable for every cupholder.

True Taste of Ceramic Coating – You are intending to taste your coffee. Unlike the Stainless steel, this ceramic interior coating will assist to brew free and pure from old tasting notes, oils, and other lingering odors.

Drinkable Lip – It is specially designed to taste your coffer using the thin lip tapers which can comfortably sit on your mouth.

Aromatic Wide Mouth – The inspired wide mouth you allow to access your coffee to feel the temperature and full aroma before you drink.


  • Keeps your drinks cold & warm
  • Leak-Proof
  • Looks great

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10. 1More Stylish

best gift ideas for New Year 2020 for friend

Apple Airpods are most popular across the truly wireless listening and most of them prefer to utilize the wire-free headphones. 1More will provide a pair to worth listening to music. It does not any cords and provides a charging case. 1More earbuds will have a reasonable price, crisp audio, stay-put fit, and comfortable to get battery life for 6 hours per charge. At the end of the day, it is said to be one of the best gift ideas for New Year 2020.

Expert Sound Tuning – 1More’s product is specially designed by the Sound engineer to offer a precise representation of any artist’s intended sound. You can get the perfect combination of premium design & sound with the help of this sleek earbuds.

Dynamic Driver with Titanium Composite – The titanium composite of a 7 mm dynamic driver is designed only for compact earbuds to balance exquisite detail & powerful bass. For enhanced efficiency, it can produce crystal clear sound with the help of ultra-compact design.

Bluetooth V5.0 & Qualcomm Chipset – This advanced Qualcomm chipset is supported & compatible with AAC Hi-Res transmission and Aptx audio technology that is specially optimized for Android & iOS devices to offer the best audio sounding even at similar bit rates.

Battery Case & Quick Charge – Battery life for 24 hours with earbuds & charging case. A full charge will be capable of utilizing 6.5 hours of music with this True wireless earbuds. With 15 minutes charging can give you 3 hours use from Quick charge capabilities.

Stylish True Wireless – You can personalize your style with 4 different color options: Black, Green, Gold, or Pink. With compact design & lightweight, it can easily fit within your pocket and weighs around 53 grams.


  • The battery case is latched shut, light, and small
  • Comfortable and excellent fit.
  • Quick connection and Instant On
  • Good Sound
  • Aptx and Bluetooth version 5.0 (V5.0)
  • Physical Buttons

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